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We specialize in commercial and industrial asphalt paving, repair and pavement maintenance services. Quality work with fast turnaround time make our company one of the best in the Toronto and GTA area. We are fully licensed and insured contractors and can help you with any repairs or maintenance that might be required. Call us 416.736.0990 for a completely free estimate.

Asphalt is the most common material used for pavement applications and road surfaces. Over time it tends to crack and dip in various spots, creating a distorted and over used look. Majority of property owners agree that a damaged driveway alone can negatively reflect on the overall look of your property. All of our customers share the same preference in common and that it is to assure that their property whether it is residential or commercial, has a welcoming and presentable look and feel to it. Our experts at York Seal Paving guarantee the best quality results, performed in a professional manner and promptly.

What Causes Asphalt Deterioration?
With proper installation and maintenance, asphalt can last for many years. However, if the asphalt was improperly applied it will surely speed up the process of premature deterioration. Some of the common mistakes that occur during the construction of pavements are: Incorrect asphalt temperature when applied, Base below the asphalt improperly compacted, poor drainage.

However, even if the asphalt was properly constructed, there are other factors that can damage it, such as excessive water, sunlight, and chemical exposure. It can be quite challenging or even impossible to protect the asphalt from mentioned above factors, therefore it is strongly recommended to continually keep close attention and provide constant maintenance to prolong the durability of the asphalt. When any asphalt pavement is left neglected for a long period of time, it eventually will start turning grey, become weak and brittle, and create cracks or potholes.

When Is It Time To Get Professional Advice?
As mentioned above, maintenance of your asphalt pavement can drastically increase its lifespan; therefore it is of great importance to take action as soon as the signs of damage begin to appear. Keep in mind that, any, even at first site an insignificant damage, will not fix itself or disappear, instead it will do the opposite and continue to snowball into larger issues with greater speed at this point. Professional attention is required when you start noticing the following imperfections in any of your asphalt surfaces:

– Accumulation of water (standing water) on the pavement surface, also called as “birdbaths”. Always remember that water is asphalt’s number one enemy, therefore the problem which causes for excessive water to accumulate needs to be immediately looked at to avoid bigger damages.
-Cracks! Even the tiniest crack can significantly speed up the process of deterioration. Once the crack has formed the water or any moisture can easily penetrate through it and continue to damage it from the inside now by making the pavement surfaces softer or depending on the weather, freeze and expand the size of the crack.
-Oil spots – another very common reason that causes the asphalt to weaken.

Whether the damages on your pavement are just developing or already seems out of control call us 416.736.0990 for a completely free estimate. Let YORK SEAL PAVING your local Toronto & GTA contractors keep your Property looking its best.