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Catch Basin Repairs Toronto | Catch Basin Replacement and Maintenance | Toronto

Our company specializes in commercial and residential catch basin repairs and replacement, maintenance and provides all year round service. We are licensed contractors and we provide fast and reliable service to deal with any catch basin problem that you might be facing. Call us 416.736.0990 for a completely free estimate.

What is Catch Basin?
Catch basins are part of sewer drain system which are made to trap all kind of debris so it is doesn’t get stuck and clog the pipes. Catch basin are build the way that even a high volume of water enter drainage pipes with minimal overflow. The opening connects to a pipe that covered with a grating. When water flowing through the grating all large pieces of debris get trap but all smaller pieces go via the grate and stay at the bottom. Drainage pipes are positioned above the bottom of the vertical pipe making sure that the water which flowing through the pipes is free from any debris.

Types of Catch Basin
The newer and most common type of catch basin are built by using cements blocks and we would consider a standard catch basin. Other older types could be built by using bricks and cement. There are other types of catch basin which are custom and build by using different materials, precast concrete would be one of the examples.

Problems and Repairs
Here are some most common problems which you can experience with catch basin:

Catch basin is sinking
Catch basin is too high
Catch basin collapsed
Broken asphalt around the catch basin (potholes)
Broken grates or frame

If you notice a problem it is always beneficial to deal with the problem in the early stages and not to wait until the last minute. The cost of your repair would depend on the type of catch basin that you have and the amount of work which is required.

Our company uses latest technologies and can offer many different options for any catch basin repair. All catch basin that we re-build come with our 5 year warranty.

Call us 416.736.0990 for a free onsite inspection and estimate.