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Hot Rubberized Crack Sealing | Asphalt Pavement Waterproofing | Toronto

Our company specializes in hot rubberized crack sealing for commercial and industrial lots and provides all year round service. We offer 24 hour service for office buildings, hotels, plazas, warehouse, apartments etc. in Toronto and GTA area. Call us 416.736.0990 and YORK SEAL PAVING will provide you with a free evaluation to determine your present and future pavement maintenance, pavement waterproofing and paving requirements.

Asphalt is generally a very sturdy material that is used worldwide

for most pavement applications. However, many aspects of an everyday life and can drastically weaken its durability and shorten its lifespan. Often enough errors are made while constructing an asphalt pavement which causes premature deterioration in a long run.

Applying asphalt is a project that should only be completed by a professional and licensed company to avoid any complication in the future. But even if the job was done flawlessly, unfortunately there are many other factors like excessive water, cold temperatures, oil spots, and sunshine that can harm it. Of course with proper care and maintenance majority of serious damages can be prevented, but in reality, asphalt pavements are being taken for granted therefore often enough are neglected before the damages get too obvious and in some cases can even become a potential safety hazard to pedestrians and cars.

It is very common for asphalt to start creating cracks which continue to develop quite fast, and before we know it, few small fractures turn into very noticeable gaps that seem to spread everywhere. Most property owners get intimidated by such outcome, assuming that the entire pavement area needs to be removed and replaced. But thankfully, there are many solutions to fixing this problem and hot rubberized crack sealant happens to be one of them.

What is hot rubberized crack sealant?
Hot rubberized crack sealant is considered to be one of the most popular and effective methods used to seal the damaged area. Generally this method is applied to cracks that measure about ¼ “-1” wide. Areas with larger and wider gaps are usually patched with hot mix asphalt rather than the sealants. This type of sealant is known to be the safest and durable solution to secure cracks. This process has been widely used to fix roads, sidewalks and parking lots that are regulated by federal and provincial government. Hot rubberized crack sealant has many advantages to it:
– it is proven to withstand extreme weather conditions, and protects the damaged area from moisture, chemicals, and salt to penetrate through and cause future damage.
– If properly applied it can last for few years preventing the cracks to develop
– this method is clean, safe and does not require much time to dry

How It Works?
Even though this process sounds simple enough to be treated as a “do it yourself project” on a nice sunny day, it is not recommended to do so, as it does require special skills ,equipment and experience to achieve the best quality results. Our company offers free estimates regardless of how simple or complex the project is.

Once it is determined and confirmed that hot rubberized crack sealant process will be the one to be used there are several preparation steps to be taken prior to applying the sealant.

-all cracks and gaps should be routed by using a marathon carbide – tip crack router. Thoroughly cleaned from all the dirt and debris using high pressure blowers
– once all the necessary precaution steps had been taken, then the cracks are safe to be sealed using Ultrasel 1190 hot pour rubberized crack sealer. Apply at 400 Fahrenheit. Using an overbanding applicator for greater adhision. Sealed cracks are traffic ready in 20 minutes

Call us 416.736.0990 for a completely free inspection and free estimate.